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Time Frame and Team - This project is still under development and has a team of 11 people as a UCF Game Design Senior Capstone. 
Ransacked is a student project, made in 16 weeks during the spring 2018 semester at UCF.
Role - I was Creative Lead and a 3D artist on this project. As creative lead I was responsible for the look and feel of the game and had final say on what assets would be included into the final project. And as an artist I created 3D models and textures for props, structural pieces, and characters. I also created all complex shaders, handled the build out of the Village and Thieves guild seen in game, and set up lighting and post processing.
About The Game - Ransacked is a third-person stealth thieving game created in Unreal Engine 4. The game has you play a thief who has recently inherited her fathers thieves guild, who wields a bottomless bag that allows her to steal and carry almost anything. Although you can carry any amount of objects you have to balance weight and speed to escape with your loot intact. During the experience the player travels between the Thieves’ Guild and a nearby village, looting homes for their items, avoiding guards, and selling stolen goods for gold.
About the Characters - I was in charge of all character modeling and texturing for this game. Because so many characters had to be created I first started with creating base male and female bodies. These models were then used to create all the other characters. 
I would import one of them into a new scene and alter its proportions and facial features until they closely matched the concept are given. Then clothing was extracted off of the bases topology and the characters were assembled in pieces. All excess geometry that wouldn't be seen in game was deleted to make the models more efficient. 
The models were then UV'd in Maya. Texel Density was kept in mind while UV's were laid out. Parts of characters that would not be seen very much were given less space in the layout while more important areas such as the faces were given more.
About the Materials -  All materials were created primarily in Substance Designer with some work also being done in Photoshop. All in game tileable textures are 1024 x 1024. 
All textures were made to be stylized. Exaggerated proportions and vibrant colors were kept in mind while making them. Most of the games stylized look comes from texture work rather than from modeling. 
About the Village Assets - I created tileable materials in designer to start. Houses were then white boxed using bsp in unreal. Once finalized the bsp house shell was exported into Maya and decorative additions were added. Wood half timbering, windows, door frames etc. Models were exported back into unreal in sections and then assembled in engine. Most parts of the houses have no unique textures but are instead uvd to the tileables.
All Foliage was created in Maya to be as simple as possible with no small plant being more than 30 polygons and no big plant being over 700. Texturing Was done in Photoshop and Quixel. Small Plants pull from 2 1024 x 1024 texture sets. Oak and pine have one unique texture set each. And Birch trees have 2. All foliage uses Color, Normal, and Opacity Maps. 
About the Shaders - I created many custom shaders for this game using unreal engine's material creator. 
In order from left to right starting at the top - 
Distance fog post-process, Prop master material, Water master material, Glass master material, Important item highlight, Selection outline post-process.
Itch.io link to download the game - https://benjamintaylor.itch.io/ransacked 
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